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Chandler Spa Suite - Vanity and Tub - Studio Em Interiors

In this major transformation we remodeled a master bathroom from basic builder finishes and fixtures to a tranquil spa retreat for my clients.  In the before images you can see the interior is made up of fairly standard materials that were installed in most newer homes that were built at the time in the early 90's. The clients asked for an updated, more modern, spa like retreat.  They loved the idea of using a mosaic to add some color and wanted the calming effects of blues and greens.  We demoed the entire room and installed new cabinetry, countertops, sinks, faucets and lighting.  We … [Read More...]

Lakeside Rebuild - Kitchen

Hello Everyone!  Today we are shining a spotlight on my latest project.  This was a lengthy one.  After going through all the changes that needed to be made it ended up working out better to just tear the entire house down and rebuild.  This was the first official project for Studio Em Interiors a year and a half ago and the biggest one for Studio Em Interiors at that time.  It was exciting to start such an involved project and so much fun to watch it come alive as the building process took place over the summer. As you can see there was a huge change in the exterior look of the … [Read More...]


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